Tuesday, January 31, 2012

some thoughts on porn

Throughout the 1970s
anti porn feminists have always criticized porn as objectifying women while
focusing on male power and sexual pleasure. Anti porn blogs like Men Against
Porn and Feminisms, talk about how porn is woman hatred and nothing more then a
function of patriarchy. Women are the ultimate victims in this world, and men
are the evil oppressors. What’s funny is that this trope that women are mere
victims to the evil men is a tale as old as time. In Sherlock Holmes stories
women are also pure and vulnerable creatures that are entrapped by evil and
oppressive men. Sir Author Conan Doyle was far from feminist and bought into
the women are moral and pure but vulnerable and caught up on emotions. In other
words they were easily oppressed. This
is not the view that feminists should be promoting that women are perpetual
victims of evil men. As long as no one
is being hurt, people’s decisions should be respected.
One thing that really
gets me about anti porn feminists or even other anti porn crusaders is
this…They act like only women can possibly exploited by porn. Why?
James Deane has stated in the making of Not another Porn movie that he
has been tied up by women he has not found attractive for money. Why is it soo much worse if a woman has sex for
money then if a man does it? Men also
have to take Viagra on porn shoots which is really bad for your heart if you
take it too much. Men also have to have
sex they may not want to just to have a good shot. If a man would rather watch a movie then have
sex on the day of the shoot…well too bad!
He has to have sex that day with a porn actress! Men in porn movies are often reduced to
their penis..in fact sometimes the female actress is the one in power….she is
the one that will probably be the porn star and is the one featured on the
box. Men and women porn stars are
rejected from Hollywood. Ron
Jeremy…pretty much considered a joke…Harry Reems from Deep Throat was considered
to be really funny and almost got a gig in one of the Meatball movies…well
guess what…because of his work in porn he didn’t get the part.